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healthy meals. fully prepared. delivered to you.

feed your body. fuel your soul.


healthy meals. fully prepared. delivered to you.

feed your body. fuel your soul.

We are a Boston based meal prep service that delivers fully prepared meals right to your doorstep.

Each week we create a balanced menu of meals that are always GLUTEN, DAIRY and SUGAR FREE.

Meals consist of a healthy balance of lean protein, fresh seasonal veggies and nutrient dense carbohydrates. 

A new menu every week

A new menu every week

Menu for the Week of May 20th

PACKS & PLANS 15% off!


CALI oats

almond milk, gluten free oats, maple syrup, chia seeds, pineapple, mango, peanut butter, vanilla

sweet potato toast with sweet bacon "jam"

3 pieces of sweet potato toast, bacon, red pepper, dates, balsamic, mustard , salt & pepper


Vermont Maple Dijon Pork, Fresh Greens Beans & Rustic Garlic Mash

pork loin, maple, red wine vinegar, rosemary, mustard, green beans, olive oil, russet potato, almond milk, garlic, salt & pepper

Cashew Coconut Curry Chicken.jpg


Coconut Cashew Curry Chicken

chicken, cashew, red pepper, chives, onion, cumin, curry, cayenne, cilantro, jasmine rice olive oil, salt & pepper 

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Bacon BBQ Turkey Burger on Sweet Potato Bun

ground turkey, bacon, tomato sauce, balsamic vinegar, maple, garlic, onion, paprika, mustard, sweet potato, fresh broccoli olive oil, salt & pepper

HOw it works

HOw it works

Step 1

Check out the weekly menu above

always dairy, gluten, refined sugar free and made with love!

step 2

choose a Meal plan that works for you

BEST SELLER is our 3 Pack Plan! includes:                        3 Breakfasts                            3 Lunches &                            3 Dinners

step 3

check out choose pick up or delivery 

Pick up locations:

Crossfit Southie

385 Dorchester Ave #100, Boston, MA 02127


Lifted Fitness

803 Summer St. 

Boston, MA 02127

$10 Delivery Fee 


step 4

enjoy the fuel that awakens your soul and ignites your true purpose! 

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Oh, hey! We are besties. The corny kind that finishes one another sentences and laugh uncontrollably. Christina (on right) is the bada$$ fit model that crushes weight at Crossfit, lover of music, rides a motorcycle, & marches to the beat of her own drum with grace. She is passionate about giving back, coaching & teaching fitness. StephMo (on left) a straight adventurer living on farms in Central America, lover of essential oils, finds peace baking, can interpret dreams like a boss, and wakes up every morning with fire in her heart. Also passionate about giving back, no surprise she is the "yogi" and teaches in Boston. 


We met the first time and talked for hours. Both big into fitness and nutrition yet longed for more meaning. We began dreaming of creating something that would bring health, purpose, and connection to others. SOULFU3L was born. 

We believe our food works like magic. It nourishes not only your body but your potential. Our hope is that our healthy delicious food awakens your inner adventure, lights your fire, and sends you out into the world with purpose.